Review Services

When you choose ProSearch Review you’ll have a partner focused on aggressively reducing review volumes, enhancing accuracy and accelerating time to insights and value. Our Review teams work hand-in-hand with our Applied Sciences teamto optimize early case assessment, review protocols, and quality control techniques to get you over the finish line.

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One team from collection to final production

Tired of disjointed point solutions? Partner with ProSearch from project planning and early case assessment through review and production. Our eDiscovery review managers assemble, train and manage review teams and all workflows to see you through the entire matter.


Reduce the time and cost of discovery review, while accelerating attorney insights and informed decision making throughout the life cycle of a matter with summarization, a component of ProSearch AI solutions. Condense lengthy and complex documents into concise summaries while preserving key information and context.

Summarization helps legal teams quickly:

  • Get a sense of the content included in various clusters.
  • Understand responsiveness coding while review is ongoing.
  • QC review coding consistency.

Data Science and AI

Powering Knowledge Work

ProSearch takes an entirely new approach to discovery. We innovate with AI and data science to inform case strategy, accelerate understanding, and reveal insights from data that improve decision making, for today’s matter and your entire portfolio. ProSearch proprietary tools reduce review volumes and accelerate review:

  • Applied Science and AI tools create summaries of data types, prevailing concepts, significant keywords, principal custodians, and patterns of communication and collaboration.
  • ProSearch Privacy Suite enables rapid identification, review and redaction of private and sensitive information.
  • ProSearch WorkStream™ captures and organizes chats and messaging content for intuitive review.