Advanced Search Analytics

Keyword search remains a powerful tool for managing volume, cost, and defensibility. We elevate the science of search—perfecting the process. Discover the advantage of expert tuned search.

Search Tuning

Don't bring a hammer to a search fight

No matter the review workflow, the fact is that searching with keywords remains the first and best opportunity to manage the volume, richness, and defensibility of the review. Advanced Search Term Analytics at ProSearch provide statistically sound
metrics about the yield and accuracy of search terms, enabling your team to make smart, defensible decisions that impact both the cost and efficacy of your review.
• Provide feedback on proposed syntax to negotiate terms with a clear understanding of potential interpretation and meaning.
• Parse complex terms to determine exactly which keywords are impacting the result set.
• Test the efficacy of terms against representative seed sets and sample data.

Early Term Development

An evidence-based approach to negotiating terms.

Search terms are rarely, if ever, used in isolation. In practice, individual search terms are part of a set that defines a review. Details about term co-occurrence and the unique contributions a single term makes are important facts to consider when determining a review boundary. The ability to evaluate “what-if” scenarios based on adjustments is crucial to defining a defensible review set. Term Combination Builder™ and associated reports are designed to arm you with the statistics you need to make informed decisions about the term combinations that achieve optimal precision and recall in the specific circumstances of any matter.

Comprehensive Search Term Report

Within a reviewed document population, identifies attested terms and term co-occurrence, and computes a term impact report that includes statistics for responsiveness rate and hit count for different term combinations

Syntax Inspector™

Beyond traditional search term reporting, includes detail about unique hits and unique families for terms under consideration

Search Expertise

Search is so ubiquitous you think you know what you are doing.

The expertise ProSearch brings to the science of search and information retrieval is rooted in both experience and ongoing training. Each of our discovery professionals completes our dtSearch for Relativity course, which covers not only the fundamentals of dtSearch as instantiated in Relativity, but also the fundamentals of information retrieval – index creation, alphabet files, noise words – that impact search performance