Unified Review

Proven methodologies. Fanatical attention to detail. ProSearch becomes an extension of your team, collaborating with enterprise legal, counsel, and review providers for flawless execution. Discover the power of a review process that unifies people, process and technology.

Defining The Review

A unified start creates a defensible process

Identifying the review set requires setting clear boundaries. On paper, the process seems simple—run a set of criteria and terms against a set of data. In practice, the discovery is more complex—rolling data collections, multiple sets of terms and criteria, and multiple document requests. ProSearch project managers work with counsel to clearly define and track each review population throughout the process.

With Search Term Reporting Manager you can:

  • Inspect search syntax to ensure complex terms are returning expected results.
  • Define review boundaries for each document request.
  • Track rolling data to keep review sets current.
  • Propose and implement review population reduction strategies.

Search Term Reporting Manager™


Unifying every step of review in the discovery deliverable

The true test of accurate Discovery is a perfect production. ProSearch sets the foundation for perfection by building quality control into every step of the process, tracking requirements, and automating extensive automation and
reporting for Final QC.


Every business rule must be checked before final production to ensure compliance with all requirements. The right combination of automated and human inspection is the best solution to control for quality at scale. Our integrated quality systems eliminate the risk of inadvertent production of privileged information and assures that documents conform to the ESI order.

With ProSearch Production Manager you can:

  • Identify the form of production—image, native, placeholder, redaction–for focused production QC.
  • Targeted keyword pre-production screens provide a final check.
  • Complete production deliverable QC through virtual meeting allows counsel final “eyes” on the production before transfer.

Review Workflow Manager™

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