Who We Are

ProSearch defines success by the way we do what we do. Delivering high-quality service with integrity and at the leading edge of technology requires commitment – and not just from the company, but from every ProSearcher individually.

Core Values

What makes a successful company?

To support the work ethic needed for all of us to achieve success, we uphold these five core values:

Delivering Wow

Delivering Wow is the process of taking an ordinary opportunity and delivering something extraordinary. Wow comes in many forms, such as showing commitment and follow-through, creating happy clients, being a trusted advisor and producing exceptional work product.

One Team

One Team captures our commitment to partnership. It is about building bridges with clients, their vendors and partners and within and across our own organization to ensure success. Working as One Team, we understand the big picture and appreciate the perspectives of all stakeholders.

Master Your Craft

Master Your Craft captures the ProSearch commitment to understanding how and why we do what we do. ProSearchers who Master Their Craft:
• are dedicated and engaged.
• are connected to their industry peers and new technology and trends.
• have deep knowledge of our technology and processes.
• understand the big picture.
• uphold and adhere to best practices.
• are committed to delivering according to the ProSearch Way.

Perfect the Process

Perfect the Process focuses on measuring and improving the way we work. It is about developing and following repeatable, sustainable processes and looking for responsible ways to simplify and automate so we can do more with less.

Empowering Others

Empowering Others captures our commitment to continuous improvement and a culture of peer-to-peer training and mentoring.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

A Kaleidoscope of Minds, Creating New Possibilities Every Day

Diversity drives innovation. Our diverse team of thoughtful, creative, innovative and empathetic people is essential to the ProSearch mission.

  • We cultivate an inclusive workplace that welcomes a diverse range of backgrounds.
  • We appreciate and celebrate different points of view.
  • We actively create opportunities for all to learn, take on new challenges and advance their careers.

The result? Boundless innovation, greater job satisfaction, delighted clients and financial stability. We are committed to improving diversity, equity and inclusion. With help from external experts, ProSearch has:

  • Implemented changes aimed at reducing bias during the interview process.
  • Launched a diversity and inclusion survey to benchmark team thoughts on DE&I.
  • Considered our vendor and partner relationships with diversity, equity and inclusion in mind.

On Supporting a Culture of Happiness

Read all about how Dr. Gina Taranto spearheaded ProSearch’s Happiness Initiative here.

Team Happiness

Being happy at work is a critical component to maintaining balance between our professional and personal lives.


ProSearchers find enjoyment here – with their colleagues, clients and partners and in their day-to-day work.


Our corporate culture emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive, respectful workplace, which contributes to happiness. We know that happy team members are productive and focused on exceeding client expectations.


We measure important things. ProSearchers take a regular “happiness survey.” The results identify red flags or indicate issues our team members may be facing that are detrimental to their happiness and success. This allows managers to quickly address those issues and keep everyone engaged.

Our people

Exceptional people and the relationships they share with clients are the bedrock of our success.


Community outreach

We look out for each other, and we look out for our community. ProSearch encourages team members to champion causes they care about.


ProSearchers do amazing work in support of our local community as well as global relief efforts. To encourage community participation, ProSearch created Volunteer Time Off, offering everyone up to twenty-four hours paid time off to volunteer for an organization of their choice.