Quality Systems

Quality is not a one-time event or the function of a specific group. True quality characterizes an entire process–everything up to and including the final product and ultimate outcome. Discover the confidence that comes through partnering with professionals who take pride in quality.

Processing Quality

Often taken for granted, high-quality processing is the foundation for everything that follows in the discovery process. Our time-tested and proven methods, built on industry-leading tools, infused with automation, and forged through processing petabytes of data, ensures the integrity and completeness of the data throughout the process. We make sure every identified exception is reviewed, cataloged, and addressed. 

Search Quality

Search is at the core of discovery activities. Just because a search completes, does not mean it is correct. Our teams check terms for logic, syntax and technical errors that might compromise results. We provide proposed changes and corrections for your consideration, along with detailed reports explaining the rules and errors.

Production Inspector™

Production Quality

Months of effort by dozens, if not hundreds, of people, comes down to the production—mistakes, even simple ones, open the door to question everything.

We use Production Inspector, our proprietary Relativity application to automate final production QC. Our tool creates a streamlined view for checking everything from Bates numbers and page count summaries to complex items like privilege text and placeholder control.


Review Alignment Manager

The difficulty in training any review team is confirming that the training is accurate, complete, and that the team fully comprehends the material. Review Alignment Manager addresses each of these concerns through a simple training interface available to your team directly through the Relativity browser that provides accuracy statistics for each reviewer and document. By alerting the review manager to conflicts before they happen, document review teams receive a powerful boost in efficiency and accuracy.