ProSearch Enterprise

Discovery is a business process. It can be measured, managed, and improved. Our Enterprise solutions align to your business goals and lead to operational excellence that will transform your discovery process. Discover a solution built for you.

The Big Picture

For companies seeking to manage more than matters, ProSearch takes a broader view—empowering legal teams to better manage the discovery process. We offer enterprise solutions from the ground up, including platform, support, and services.

Managed Platform

The discovery technology landscape is complex–there is no single magic software solution. We are ready to partner with you to implement and manage a discovery technology solution that will grow and evolve with you into the future.


Managed Support

Our support teams bring together the diverse skills necessary to execute activities across the technology platform. We manage ESI from receipt through processing, hosting, and eventually, decommissioning. We are here to support you and your entire legal support apparatus.


Managed Services

We are an extension of your team within and across your matters to deliver discovery matter and portfolio management solutions–allowing you to deliver real business impact and your legal professionals to focus on legal issues and strategies.


Enterprise Advantage

Align Resources

By consolidating the responsibilities, processes, and logistics of discovery in an enterprise solution, you save resources within your legal department, across your organization, and with your outside counsel.

Create Visibility

Driving work through an enterprise solution allows you to collect and analyze metrics and data from across your discovery portfolio, creating the insights necessary to evolve and optimize your discovery solutions.

Improve Outcomes

Optimizing processes and measuring performance leads to operational excellence that increases your velocity, improves quality, and reduces your risk.

Success Stories

Work Product Reuse for Legal Operations

With a high-level employee approaching retirement, our Enterprise client wanted to preserve any work product that might be contained in the attorney’s company emails. A full email collection was sent to ProSearch to conduct a knowledge review that included:

• Scale to meet the size and speed of an accelerated process
• Documented, consistent processes stand up to scrutiny
• Investigation templates and workflows in Relativity for a quick start
• Managing rolling ESI through all processing, search and review stages


Additional work product from key custodians and ongoing knowledge reviews have expanded the library to support consistency and provide insight into historic matters that resurface.