Applied Science

We are solving fundamental challenges in discovery – big data, privilege, privacy – leveraging human knowledge to train the technologies that in turn enable computer-assisted solutions. Discover the advantage of the practical application of science and AI.

The Story Behind the Data

Reduce risk and gain understanding with our Applied Science team—an exceptional group of linguists, statisticians, data scientists, analysts and machine learning experts.

In our hands, leading technologies work better and run faster, with better results. Our approach takes you beyond what you think you know—beyond bias and assumptions. Colloquialisms, jargon, emotion and sentiment, secretive terms, ‘code’ language, even the semantics of text messaging can elude standard search. Linguists are game-changing in discovery, identifying and interpreting these idiosyncrasies in language. We work with counsel to understand matter concepts, then conduct population sampling, analytics, construct and optimize searches, and develop workflows that work.

The tools and techniques we draw from include:

  • Machine Learning Techniques: cutting-edge algorithms and tools leverage linguistic features and statistical models
  • Document Type Identification: aided by computer vision and natural language processing methods
  • Predictive Modeling: to characterize the probability of a document having a defined feature as either LIKELY, POTENTIALLY, or UNLIKELY
  • Custom Dictionaries: meticulously crafted and performance tested, our dictionaries are collections of search terms that are continuously validated
  • Advanced Culling and Filtering: to deprioritize or exclude documents unlikely to be of interest
  • Human Expertise: Experienced data scientists, engineers, database analysts and discovery professionals develop and deploy custom workflows to meet specific content identification and response requirements