Ryan Costello Article in Legaltech News: Employee DSAR Response Post-Pandemic: An eDiscovery Approach

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Is your Organization Ready to handle DSAR requests from Employees?

Health monitoring of returning workforces, widespread unemployment and job market disruption during 2020 are expected to trigger a surge in DSAR requests as the pandemic subsides.

The data subject access request, or DSAR, is the most widely exercised and arguably most notorious individual right afforded by the EU GDPR. As the world returns to some degree of normalcy following the COVID-19 pandemic, so, if your organization employs workers in the EU, be prepared for an influx of DSARs from current and former employees.

Ryan Costello, head of data privacy engagement services, addresses DSARS in Legaltech News: Employee DSAR Response Post-Pandemic: An eDiscovery Approach.

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