ProSearch Review Alignment Manager Advances Coding Accuracy in Relativity

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Innovative QC approach aligns reviewers with protocol, reducing errors and overturns

LOS ANGELES – June 29, 2021 – ProSearch, a leading provider of comprehensive discovery and compliance solutions to corporate legal departments and law firms, announced today that its automated reviewer training application, Review Alignment Manager, is now widely available. Review Alignment Manager simplifies training and gives review teams a powerful boost in efficiency and accuracy.

Document review is the most labor-intensive and expensive phase of discovery. By improving the accuracy of document decisions and addressing coding inconsistencies, organizations can reduce review time and significantly reduce the cost of review. Aligning the review team’s decision-making more closely with the review protocol paves the way for faster, more accurate document review with fewer overturned documents.

ProSearch’s Review Alignment Manager moves quality assurance to the front of the review process and can also be applied repeatedly at any critical juncture during review. In a training run, reviewers code a test set of documents and receive immediate feedback on the accuracy of their responses. A two-way interaction between the subject matter expert and the system pinpoints areas of misinterpretation, guiding improvements in review protocol and remedial training.

“ProSearch Review Alignment Manager has been utilized across hundreds of matters to date, with quantifiable results,” says Julia Hasenzahl, CEO of ProSearch. “For example, in one recent matter, reviewer training resulted in an 80% improvement—10% coding overturn by outside counsel during second pass review fell to 2%.”

ProSearch has over 12 years’ experience in building, extending and customizing solutions to support clients. Review Alignment Manager is one of many ProSearch proprietary Relativity applications designed to improve the discovery process by leveraging technology and innovation.

As a RelativityOne Services Partner, ProSearch helps clients by leveraging its ProSearch Enterprise to offer managed platform, support and services in the ProSearch tenancy or in a client’s own tenancy. ProSearch works with clients’ internal resources and professional services providers to create an integrated solution to meet their operational and business goals.


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