ProSearch Launches Expanded Services Portfolio for RelativityOne Customers

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ProSearch named Partner of Record to become extension of corporate RelativityOne subscribers’ legal teams

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – February 21, 2020 – ProSearch, a leading provider of comprehensive discovery solutions to corporate legal departments and law firms, is expanding its services as a RelativityOne Partner of Record, engaging with Relativity’s customers to help them realize their business objectives with RelativityOne. A Relativity partner since 2008, ProSearch leverages its extensive expertise in workflow design, custom IP, data analytics and reporting to help corporate legal teams achieve optimal outcomes from the platform. 

By enlisting ProSearch as a RelativityOne Partner of Record, customers accelerate their ability to take full advantage of their investment in the complete and secure SaaS platform for eDiscovery, while maintaining direct communication with Relativity and keeping the organization’s data, processes and day-to-day activity under the customer’s control. ProSearch has several service offerings to address the needs of each client, including implementation, managed support and managed services.

As a Partner of Record, ProSearch significantly augments Relativity’s customer experience and success teams from the point of RelativityOne implementation with strategic consultation on data migration, processing, workflow optimization and automation for more accurate and efficient document review, and insightful reports on patterns and trends in the client’s case portfolio. In addition, clients can take advantage of ProSearch’s full suite of managed services to further expand their overall experience with RelativityOne. Along with project management and review support, ProSearch provides matter-specific solution engineering to deliver tools tailored to each client’s unique needs.

“Working with a Fortune 500 company as its RelativityOne Partner of Record, ProSearch optimized custom workflows and automated processes to significantly improve their efficiency and productivity,” says ProSearch Co-Founder and CEO Julia Hasenzahl. “The partnership enables us to work as an extension of the company’s in-house team, where ProSearch has introduced automation and brought extensive experience and knowledge that has allowed the legal team to reimagine workflows and expand the portfolio of work managed in their RelativityOne instance.”

“Bringing RelativityOne in-house meant our customer could gain full control of their data and processes,” said Relativity CEO Mike Gamson. “Additionally, bringing in a partner to provide expert help in managing their unique caseload creates tremendous leverage for the litigation support staff.”

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