ProSearch Announces Partnerships with Veritone and Milyli

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ProSearch Announces Seamless Transcription, Translation, and Redaction Powered by Technology Partnerships with Veritone and Milyli


LOS ANGELES, CA, June 17, 2019 – ProSearch, the visionary leader in corporate discovery and legal data analytics solutions, is pleased to announce the expansion of workflow efficiency solutions for discovery and compliance. These include Veritone’s aiWARE cognitive speech-processing technology for audio and video transcriptions and translations, and Milyli’s Blackout automation technology for image and Excel redactions. Both seamlessly integrate with the RelativityOne platform for easy access and use by clients.

ProSearch clients can now readily and conveniently review and analyze multi-media, image, and spreadsheet documents with powerful features that include:

  • AI-powered translation for 115+ languages, including Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. Human translators are also available to augment the accuracy of results in cases involving specialized knowledge and terminology.
  • Machine transcription of voice into readable and searchable text for 65+ languages, also distinguishing various dialects, accents, slang words, and emotional tone – even for multiple speakers and languages within the same conversations.
  • Automated redaction of images and native Excel files and duplicates, including template-based redactions for handling large volume sets of standardized documents.  

“At ProSearch we focus on ensuring our clients receive the best service and user experience possible for their discovery and compliance solutions, including our selection of the best technology partnerships. We are excited to strengthen existing relationships with Veritone and Milyli to offer our clients greater data insights, value, and ease of use,” said Julia Hasenzahl, Co-Founder and CEO of ProSearch.

“Veritone is thrilled to welcome ProSearch as our latest partner,” said Andy Brinck, VP Channels Worldwide at Veritone. “Our two organizations have long shared a mutual commitment to driving innovation in eDiscovery. Now our mutual clients will benefit from more actionable insights derived from aiWARE’s ability to transcribe and translate video and audio files, resulting in better, data-driven case decisions during litigation matters and investigations.”

“Milyli is proud to extend our partnership with ProSearch for a second year. Their focus on delivering the best tools for their clients demonstrates a commitment to uncovering efficiencies and holding themselves to the highest standard of thorough, defensible reviews. ProSearch’s expanded offerings provide an exceptional toolset to handle any privileged and confidential information, including to ensure compliance with applicable privacy regulations,” said Steve Ankenbrandt, CEO and co-founder of Milyli.

ProSearch is a proud Authorized Relativity Partner and a RelativityOne Certified Partner, supported by a professional staff with over 100 individual Relativity certifications and an array of exclusive Relativity customizations, workflows, and tools. ProSearch also employs NexLP, Equivio, iPRO eCapture, Nuix, Clearwell, and a host of other technologies and platforms.

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