ProSearch Advances Technology-Assisted Review for eDiscovery with Enriched Active Learning

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Newest ProSearch offering applies science to active learning models for improved outcomes

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – August 11, 2020 – ProSearch, a leading provider of comprehensive discovery solutions to corporate legal departments and law firms, announces the newest addition to its menu of tools and technology solutions for discovery review: Enriched Active Learning™. ProSearch Enriched Active Learning is the latest generation of technology-assisted review and part of the company’s progressive, holistic approach to discovery workflow.

ProSearch has been leading the industry with effective TAR solutions since predictive coding was first introduced to improve discovery review. The company’s original predictive coding workflow, Progressive Search Improvement, is a boosted TAR 1.0 solution developed by a ProSearch team of linguists and data scientists that leverages the power of statistical analysis, meticulous search term development and machine learning to train a highly accurate predictive model. PSI boosts the performance of traditional predictive coding protocols to reduce workloads for discovery review teams. In addition to predictive coding, ProSearch has embraced active learning models and continues to offer premier TAR 2.0 solutions including Relativity, Brainspace, NexLP and others.

The next-generation TAR solution, Enriched Active Learning is the ProSearch TAR 3.0 solution, moving beyond advancements in accessibility and data visualization to promote faster, smarter decision-making. ProSearch data scientists use a variety of sampling techniques to make active learning more meaningful, decreasing time to actionable information and enabling control of planning and budgeting. The application of science and knowledge to the start of the process makes continuous active learning even more effective.

“While many recent advances to standard TAR solutions have helped end users interact directly with tools and visualize trends in data, our team has embraced the opportunity to push the application of data science and statistical methods further. Enriched Active Learning increases the depth and breadth of new insights, offering measurable improvement to the process,” says Gina Taranto, Ph.D., ProSearch director of applied sciences and accelerated learning solutions. “Ever-growing data collections demand new and better solutions for quickly – and accurately – identifying a range of responsive material for discovery review. Enriched Active Learning does just that.”

The ProSearch TAR 3.0 offering is the latest of its advanced technologies, which, when combined with its innovative workflows and deep expertise in deriving insights from data, enables enterprise legal teams to better respond to litigation, investigations, regulatory and compliance actions and achieve better outcomes at lower cost.

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