The future of work may well mean that many of us will be using Microsoft Loop.

Microsoft Loop is a new app in Microsoft 365 that offers interactive components. These components allow multiple people to work together on task lists, checklists, tables, draft copy, or notes in a chat, email, or document.

Microsoft Loop is currently in pre-release mode. To learn more, visit

Advancing Collaboration

Today Microsoft 365 users work together on Word or Excel documents, keep track of projects in Planner, and share notes in OneNote. Many organizations use Outlook or Teams for our daily communication with our colleagues. The problem is that these documents are large and unwieldy. Although they can be edited collaboratively in Microsoft 365, it’s not always necessary to create a full document when working on a small set of tasks.

Microsoft Loop will allow users to create small interactive components that work together in real time. Instead of creating a full Word document, for example, Loop allows you to create a single sharable paragraph, list or table and insert it in Microsoft apps like Teams, Outlook, Word and OneNote, that others can edit inline.

A preview page for Loop offers a glimpse at the capabilities of Microsoft Loop:

  • Microsoft Loop is a flexible canvas on the web for your content so it moves across Microsoft 365.
  • Combine the information for a project by connecting files, links, and data from other apps in one place and structure it through Loop workspaces, pages, and subpages.
  • Insert different types of content or start with a page template.
  • Assign tasks and co-create and build on ideas.

Considerations for Discovery and Compliance

New data types, formats and storage methods are constantly emerging, and one of our superpowers at ProSearch is the ability to assess new and unusual data types and create solutions for collection, processing, and review of data in support of discovery and compliance efforts. Our experts have done the heavy lifting for you and produced a guide to help you get up to speed.

Prepare Now for MS Loop Data in Your Organization – Read the White Paper

Loop components have already been rolled out within Teams and Outlook, and the new Loop app is in public preview as of March 2023. Organizations should prepare now. Consider not only the new Loop features and how your teams and business units will use them, but also get an understanding of how Loop data is created and stored and what the implications are for litigation, internal investigations, or regulatory requirements.

ProSearch eDiscovery and forensics expert Damir Kahvedžić and Ryan Hemmel, solutions engineer and leader of ProSearch’s Microsoft 365 Managed Services initiative, teamed up to produce the white paper Microsoft Loop: Portable components that stay in sync and move freely across Microsoft 365 apps.

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