Risk, Compliance & Investigations

Discovering electronically stored information has never been exclusive to litigation. Volume, scope and privacy concerns have increased the complexity of all investigation and review processes. Discover how process rigor and enabling technologies ease the burden.


Hoping for the best, ready for anything.

The risk of litigation looms over every investigation—internal, compliance, regulatory, breach, or due diligence. Following a well-defined workflow from the start creates the artifacts necessary to demonstrate defensible approach to data identification, collection and review. We have adapted the processes and tools we use in discovery to support investigations.

• Scale to meet the size and speed of an accelerated process
• Documented, consistent processes stand up to scrutiny
• Investigation templates and workflows in Relativity for a quick start
• Managing rolling ESI through all processing, search and review stages

Privacy Suite

Sensitive Data

PII is just one type of sensitive data at risk.

It may not be the focus of your investigation, but sensitive data is certainly caught up in the data. In a data breach meeting noticing obligations is an initial focus, but understanding strategic, IP, operational and simply embarrassing data exposed is important to protecting your assets and managing your public image. Similarly, responding to a DSAR means protecting all the non-subject data contained in systems and documents. We use all of our discovery tools to identify and target sensitive data.

• Categorization and conceptual searching
• Regular expressions to identify known data formats
• Sentiment analysis to identify sensitive content
• Image classification with computer vision machine learning
• DSAR solution to limit the exposure of all non-subject data