Whether you are starting in RelativityOne or migrating there, our experience managing and customizing large, dedicated Relativity environments will accelerate your time to value and maximize functionality to meet your needs. Discover a partner for your RelativityOne journey.


Investing in an enterprise solution

As your implementation partner, we will help your legal team leverage the full functionality of RelativityOne, maximize user adoption and accelerate time to value—leading to a fuller, better-managed discovery pipeline and matter process. During implementation we establish a strong foundation for tenancy, data, and user management to support consistent workflow solutions.

  • Quick Start solutions for Relativity Pay as You Go customers.
  • Our “configure first” approach leads to solutions that grow with Relativity​
  • Build use-case solutions—government, compliance, investigation, litigation
  • Train your users to make the most of your investment


Planning for execution excellence

With experience gleaned from hundreds of migrations—within in and across hosting technologies—we know project management is the critical success factor. We work with your team to understand and address the core issues implicated in a migration.

  • People –your users are essential to success; their experience, availability and expectations are key in our planning
  • Process – workflows within and around the workspace may change; we want to prepare users for change and, if they are new to RelativityOne, take advantage of new workflow options
  • Technology – adhere to Relativity best practices and data size and transfer implications


Hook, bend, stretch and grow your solution

RelativityOne is an extensible platform that gives you an opportunity to look beyond the built-in features—customizing solutions to meet your unique needs. We have extensive experience integrating third party tools and developing custom Relativity applications. We rely on their APIs and build to their standards to maintain integration as Relativity grows.

  • Third party integration including technical, workflow and training support.
  • Solution design, development and integration deliver custom solutions.
  • Ongoing development as your needs and Relativity evolve.


Running with a great solution

Building outsourced services on top of your tenancy allows you to focus on core legal initiatives while ProSearch executes discovery activities to support your team. We will administer your solution with continued solution alignment, upgrade and new feature support, as well as day-to-day matter support. Our managed services help you get the most from RelativityOne investment.

  • ESI staging and processing
  • Workspace and template maintenance
  • ECA workflow administration
  • Event handlers and logic tree maintenance
  • Production support and services
  • Technical and end user support
  • Data management: staging, archiving, cold storage and decommissioning

Engaging Everywhere

RelativityOne: Your Tenancy

Solutions right-sized for Pay As You Go RelativityOne Customers

Comprehensive Partner of Record services from pre-implementation planning through ongoing managed services.

RelativityOne: ProSearch Tenancy

Matters hosted in ProSearch's RelativityOne multi-tenant environment.

Named Client Domain in ProSearch's RelativityOne multi-tenant environment

Migrating to RelativityOne from every source: RelativityOne, Relativity Server, Non-Relativity case data.

Innovative Solutions: Text IQ Connector

ProSearch speeds and simplifies the exchange of data between Relativity and Text IQ. Our Text IQ Connector has an intuitive visual interface that makes the creation of templates easier, allowing users to map data and metadata fields between Text IQ and Relativity. Using the connector template makes the transfer of data between the two platforms simpler, faster, more accurate and fully documented to support defensibility of methods. Our long-term partnership with Text IQ includes a history of collaboration for Global Fortune 500 customers. The Connector is the latest example of our success in partnering for the benefit of our mutual clients.