ECA Opportunities

Early Case Assessment means different things to different people, and our full suite of solution can flex to meet your needs. Whether your goal is to get in early to change the course of your collections or you need to reduce your dataset before review — discover opportunities to know more and review less.


A fact-based foundation for discovery supports smart case strategy and optimal outcomes

When it comes to tools that can give you early insight into your data, there are dozens that can be mixed, matched, and combined in workflows to quickly extract information from noise. We have the tools you need to front-end your learning, and an experienced team of discovery professionals and Solutions Engineers to help you decide when and how to use them. Quickly learn facts about potential volume, data types, key concepts, key words, key custodians, and patterns of collaboration and communication.

Our teams have expertise in Brainspace, NexLP, Relativty Analytics, as well as our own custom applications and robust reporting, and can work with you to get the most out of your early investment in learning, accelerating your access to critical information and knowledge.

Early Case Triage

We have assembled the right team, to assemble the right tools

The fastest race car won’t win a single race without a great driver and team supporting it from start to finish. The same is true with discovery technology. We’ve assembled an incredible team of experts with all the talent to quickly get you started and navigate through all the curves.

Our team includes data scientists, linguists, lawyers and solution engineers to help you find, sort, learn, cull, strategize and execute. With collective experience across 1000s of matters, we can help your team focus on the right technology for the job.