Rocket Science is Easy. Social Science is Hard.

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This September, ProSearch sponsored SOLID East – the Summit on Legal Innovation & Disruption, in New York for the fifth year. The annual conference, founded by David Cowen, President of The Cowen Group is a Ted-Style Talk summit. The Summit featured 16+ speakers who presented on topics that intersect on innovation, advanced technology, and the business of law. The talks were followed by facilitated table talks, panels, and town hall discussions, where participants discuss the key takeaways. This year’s event was attended by 125 individuals who came together to engage and brainstorm in real time to apply these new ideas to their businesses.

“Pandemic Sourdough Bread”

ProSearch’s CEO & Co-Founder Julia Hasenzahl was one of this year’s featured speakers. Julia’s “pandemic sourdough bread” project sparked her presentation – “The Future of Work: Reframing the Discussion.” Julia spoke about her countless hours of reading academic literature, corporate research, surveys, and media stories on remote and hybrid work trying to figure it all out. She landed on one clear thought – that it may just be easier to land a human on Mars than to fix the world’s broken workplaces.”

Julia discussed the importance of training managers to be astronauts to make the future of work successful. Julia said, “Rocket science is easy, social science is hard and the future of work is social science.” Julia’s talk was a hit at SOLID and sparked a long Q&A session from event attendees!

ProSearch is so happy to be back at SOLID following the pandemic. We’re already looking forward to SOLID London in the spring of 2023.

Click here to see the presentation!

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