Microsoft Teams Data: A New Paradigm for eDiscovery

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For millions of Microsoft Teams users, including ProSearchers, our manner of communicating and working together has changed significantly in recent years. Chat and messaging are changing our relationship with email. Workers are spending more time in Teams and less time in their email inboxes, as work conversations shift to messaging.

Unlike email, messaging is always on. Conversations are highly targeted. Exchanges are short and immediate. And participants in teams and channels communicate frequently and share a common understanding of the topics at hand. This always on status of chat sometimes blurs the line between work and personal life. As a result, messaging can contain casual language, personal comments, jokes, cartoons, emojis, videos and links, as coworkers blend project and personal content in a conversation.

Because of all this, Microsoft Teams presents new challenges for legal and eDiscovery professionals more accustomed to working with emails. In his article in Legaltech News, Microsoft Teams Data: A New Paradigm for eDiscovery, Microsoft 365 expert Ryan Hemmel offers important information on the challenges in scoping, searching, review and production of content from Microsoft Teams.

Ryan leads the Microsoft 365 Managed Services initiative at ProSearch, assisting organizations meet discovery challenges – in Teams and across the entire Microsoft 365 environment. Our team of engineers continuously monitors the Microsoft road map for updates that will affect workflows or provide opportunities to optimize discovery.

If your goals include discovery planning and strategy for Microsoft 365 or Teams, Talk to a ProSearch expert today.

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