Our Services

ProSearch guarantees exceptional client service and an innovative approach to solution design and service delivery. We strategically integrate automation with leading tools and technologies into proprietary workflows that improve outcomes, empowering legal teams to better manage discovery.

Advanced Data Analytics and TAR

Our teams have expertise in industry-leading analytics tools and AI as well as our own custom applications and robust reporting. Linguists and data scientists apply their skills to help hone your winning case strategy. Enriched Active Learning, our advanced approach to TAR 3.0, reduces the time and cost of review.

  • Save time and money: Begin review immediately, with minimal upfront costs, and gain efficiencies in workflow planning with early yield estimation.
  • Reduce risk: Get early exposure to a diverse set of documents, minimizing the risk of surprises in both content and costs.
  • Improve outcomes: Gain superior insight into low-richness scenarios by identifying when the prevalence of responsive content is low.

ProSearch Review

Leading discovery into the future

ProSearch Review achieves true end-to-end discovery, including active management of document review. Our AI-first solution brings human expertise and technology innovation together to meet the challenges of big data, privilege, privacy, and review quality. We start by getting an understanding of the matter and your objectives. ProSearch review managers actively participate in consultative review workflow and protocol development with counsel. We then deploy proprietary AI-enabled workflows designed to accelerate review, enhance accuracy and minimize human touches in review by up to 60%.

Professional Services

Our client services team provides structure and consistency on each project, managing operations and support services and keeping you apprised of project status. Our ability to develop deep insights from the data and case strategy allows us to offer tailored workflows that accelerate review and assist in developing your case strategy.

Early Case Assessment

The best defense is a good offense

ECA delivers legal team insights into key issues and events that inform case strategy and help you develop review protocols. We use advanced analytics and reporting tools to produce summaries of data types, prevailing concepts, significant keywords, principal custodians, and patterns of communication and collaboration.

  • Rapidly gain an understanding of key facts in the case
  • Confidently prepare to negotiate search terms
  • Reduce risk with documented, defensible methods
  • Transition smoothly to review

Document Production

Quality is paramount

Our proprietary automated QC application integrated with Relativity assures timely and accurate productions, avoiding inadvertent disclosure of confidential or privileged information.

  • Save Time: Production Inspector runs a series of QC checks to identify and address commonly known production problems. Having these concerns addressed immediately offers eDiscovery teams an opportunity to review, update and deliver document productions quickly.
  • Be Secure: Automated privilege text detection compares the redacted OCR text in Relativity to the exported text within the deliverable, assuring secure redactions.
  • Know More: Detailed reports including endorsed image and placeholder examples allow teams to review productions at a glance.

Relativity Hosting

Your ProSearch team boasts over 100 Relativity certifications, from Relativity administration to analytics to RelOne certification. We are a RelOne migration partner. Our industry-leading hosting environment is unmatched for security, performance, scalability, and features and is built to support thousands of concurrent users without performance degradation. In fact, half of the largest Relativity workspaces globally are hosted at ProSearch.

  • Accelerate Time to Value: We partner with Relativity to deliveron the RelativityOne value proposition. Deployment and acceptance are accelerated with ProSearch—start benefiting from your investment as soon as possible.
  • Configuration and Integration: We work with the RelativityOne platform—leveraging core technology and ecosystem tools to deliver robust solutions through configuration and integration.
  • Compatible Customization: We develop custom Relativity applications based on their best practices and APIs to minimize upgrade retooling and maximize compatibility.
  • Delivery Excellence: We have more than 10 years of experience delivering dedicated corporate Relativity environments. -Our RelativityOne Implementation Services are built on proven service delivery excellence.

"I have never used the word love to describe working with a vendor, but I have to say I love working with ProSearch."

-eDiscovery Attorney at Am Law 100 Firm


Expert collection and analysis of all types of ESI

Forensically sound, defensible methods ensure the integrity and completeness of ESI collection. We work with you to scope collection and then gather ESI from any source remotely or on-site:

  • On-premises networks and servers
  • Laptops, PCs, tablets and mobile devices
  • Microsoft 365 applications, email, calendars and documents
  • Google Workspace, Apple iCloud websites
  • LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media sites
  • Chat and collaborative applications such as Slack and Teams
  • Cloud storage sites such as Google Cloud, Box, Dropbox

ESI Processing

Proven tools and optimized workflows get eyes on your documents faster. High-speed processing handles duplicates and near-duplicates and then indexes and organizes documents and attachments. We then convert the data, if needed, to review-ready format for the review platform of your choice.