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With our clients, we have pioneered ways to maximize review efficiencies, share learnings across a portfolio and dramatically reduce discovery costs. Our team is made up of highly skilled technologists, analysts, attorneys, linguists, and data scientists who are constantly expanding the realm of the possible.

Executive Leadership

Julia Hasenzahl

Founder and CEO

Brian Meegan

Director of Sales and Marketing


Mit Patel

Director of Finance

Matt Davidson

Director of Client Services

Gina Taranto

Director, Applied Sciences

David Maciel

David Maciel

Director, Software Engineering

Scott Bailey

Director of Client Solutions

Kenneth Spencer

Director of Platform Integration

Michael Gamelin

Michael Gamelin

Director, Information Technology

Business Development

Ken Graulich

Frank Villaneda

Dan Kinney

Vincent Fitzgerald

Andrew Constantinides

ProSearchers Out Front

Ryan Costello

Head of Data Privacy Services

Maggie Burtoft

Solutions Advisor

Damir Kahvedžić, Ph.D.

Solutions Advisor

David Li, Ph.D.

Data Scientist

Xiao He, Ph.D.

Data Scientist

Lauren Roso

Solutions Advisor

Cyrus Wilcox

Solution Engineer

Paul Park

Solutions Engineer

Ramakrishna Bojanapali

Director of Operations, India