A Year of Growth and Change

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2020 has been an extraordinary year. Faced with an unforeseen degree of change brought on by COVID-19 lockdowns that thrust ProSearch – and indeed the entire industry – into new virtual work mode, we all had to find our bearings in a new reality.

The entire shift, though stressful at times, has been an invigorating exercise that brought out the best in us – resilience, adaptability, creativity, empathy, and humor came to the surface. I’m looking back over the ProSearch 2020 Experience, feeling grateful to our team, our clients, and proud of our many accomplishments.

Looking out for each other

At ProSearch, our ability to deliver outstanding results for clients is rooted in our amazing people and a culture based in respect, teamwork, feedback, and continuous learning.  In the face of many disruptions in 2020, we kept our focus on supporting the personal and professional needs of our team members, with frequent communications about all the things that keep us connected as friends and colleagues.

Growing our client community

Our ability to quickly adapt to an increase in remote support for clients, with virtual meetings and consultations, remote collections, and support remote document review, strengthened our client relationships.  And the addition of new Enterprise clients is an endorsement and validation of our Enterprise service model. 

Meeting change with new solutions

Emerging technologies are accelerating change in our industry—new data sources and new technology solutions.  To round out our best of breed solutions, ProSearch continues to partner with premier technology and tool providers.  In 2020 we sealed new partnerships with Brainspace, ESI Analyst and TextIQ. Our recently expanded Solutions Advisory team led ProSearch Solutions Showcases to demonstrate how we are using these and other technologies help clients stay ahead of the curve and guide them to successful outcomes.

Never Boring! Challenges ahead in 2021

As 2020 comes to a close, we see legal teams being pulled into issues that businesses never faced before. Enterprises have ever greater obligations to protect employees’ health and safety, while also protecting private data of employees, customers and partners. In response to evolving privacy regulations and increasing enforcement, we see privacy management being addressed more broadly: moving beyond manual or ad hoc responses to data subject requests to solutions that identify and guard protected private information, and giving it the same seriousness given to privilege. You’ll hear more on that effort soon!

These issues are inextricably tied to organizations’ rapidly growing volumes of business data. Many will face new types of litigation cases in the COVID fallout. Massive adoption of collaboration platforms and chat embedded in workflow tools has increased the number and complexity of data types subject to discovery. We saw it coming and stand ready to address it.

There has never been a more critical time for corporations to get their arms around enterprise data, to manage risk and compliance, and execute efficient and cost-effective Discovery processes. We pledge to apply our many talents to their success in 2021.

-Julia Hasenzahl, CEO & President

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