2021: Progress amid Uncertainty

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A year ago, we reflected on the growth and change required of us all in the face of an unexpected global pandemic. We looked ahead with optimism that by the time I’d be writing this year-end greeting, the pandemic would be well behind us. Instead, we find ourselves adapted to a new reality.

At ProSearch, this has meant embracing opportunities to develop innovative new solutions that help our clients improve their discovery preparedness and processes for handling enterprise data. Microsoft 365 statistics show business email is still on the rise, and chat volume is up more than 45% since February 2020 – suggesting that remote work has only increased overall communications that may eventually become subject to discovery. Here are a few of the ways we’re helping you deal with all that data:


Microsoft 365 Discovery

As part of our Enterprise offering, ProSearch now offers Microsoft 365 Managed Services. Our analysts, project managers and subject matter experts can help maximize and augment the eDiscovery capabilities within the Microsoft environment to improve data identification and collection, while our advisory services help clients manage Microsoft licenses, data and discovery processes across the EDRM life cycle.

Because Microsoft 365 remains a moving target in terms of its ongoing development, the ProSearch team of engineers continuously monitors the Microsoft road map for updates that will affect existing workflows or provide opportunities to further optimize discovery.


Messaging Solutions

When handling chat data in discovery, the traditional email paradigm doesn’t apply. Since every organization’s data is unique, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. ProSearch has reimagined the way chat data is managed by developing a customizable framework to address the complexity and nuances of each situation. ProSearch WorkStream is our primary tool for:

  • Processing common message formats
  • Culling to identify review sets
  • Exporting to RSMF for review in Relativity

Watch for new review features in WorkStream coming soon!


Data Privacy

Earlier this year ProSearch introduced our latest innovation for addressing modern privacy regulations as part of our holistic approach to discovery. ProSearch Privacy Suite uses deep learning models built on the latest advancements in natural language processing and computer vision techniques to identify protected private information, enabling organizations to better achieve compliance with ever-increasing privacy regulations.


Looking Ahead

Certainly, we are happy to be finding our way back to more in-person work, even as we recognize remote and hybrid environments are here to stay to at least some degree. The legal industry is not immune from the “great resignation,” as many professionals reexamine their priorities and career goals. Parts of the industry are already seeing a shortage of talent in areas like project management.

At ProSearch, we remain committed to ensuring our employees have the flexibility they need to achieve the balance they deserve and a work environment they are proud to be a part of. We continue to seek new opportunities to keep our talented people challenged and enjoying the satisfaction that comes from being part of a team that brings innovative new solutions to the industry. Despite the uncertainty of the ongoing pandemic, there’s never been a more exciting time to be a ProSearcher!


Happy Holidays,

Julia Hasenzahl

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