One Price For a Year of EDiscovery

Perhaps the most perplexing area in eDiscovery is pricing. Not only have the pricing models changed dramatically in the last decade, but vendors use different models and define terms differently, making it hard to compare bids. To make matters worse, with per unit fees, an upfront bid is rarely what a project costs in the […]

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A Data Science Approach to Keyword Searching

A Data Science Approach to Keyword Searching I recently read the January 3rd order in the In Re Broiler Chicken Antitrust Litigation matter. In eDiscovery circles, this case is gaining interest because of its document intense discovery involving some of the nation’s largest chicken producers. Like many who read Special Master Maura Grossman’s order, I […]

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The Nuts and Bolts of eDiscovery Part 1

The Nuts and Bolts of eDiscovery Part 1: Production Preparation

You can save time and money by having a defined and consistent Production Quality Control protocol, a repeatable and proven process that will result in a much lower stress level than normally associated with approaching production deadlines. This article explains some ways to build a robust and transferable set of Quality Control steps and searches […]

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David Li PhD, Head of the Linguistics Team at ProSearch, to Speak at SOLID Conference

We’re very excited for David Li, PhD linguist and head of the Linguistics, Analytics, & Data Science team at ProSearch, to speak at the SOLID conference in New York on Thursday, September 14th. He will be sharing his experience turning big data inward and revolutionizing our company, putting the science in data science.

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ProSearch joins the Microsoft eDiscovery Partner Alliance

ProSearch Strategies, Inc., the visionary leader in enterprise eDiscovery, formally announced the formation of a dedicated Advanced eDiscovery consulting practice to coincide with ProSearch joining the Microsoft eDiscovery Partner alliance. ProSearch sees the Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem as a strategic area of practice for corporations adjusting to meeting their discovery obligations as they integrate Office […]

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