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ESI Processing Specialist

ESI Processing Specialists at ProSearch are passionate about quality and accuracy, and contribute to our success by:

  • Processing ESI data to native and tiff formats using industry standard applications.
  • Loading data to hosting environments from standard and non-standard load file sources.
  • Performing analysis and resolution of problematic data.
  • Performing QC during each phase of processing and loading.
  • Documenting additional actions taken while performing processing tasks in workflow application.


ESI Hosting Specialist

ESI Hosting Specialists at ProSearch are committed to quality and supporting optimum end-user experiences by:

  • Maintaining hosting environments.
  • Testing and deploying application updates.
  • Troubleshooting, reporting, and resolving application errors.
  • Managing data in hosting environments to support review.
  • Providing desk-side and remote assistance to end-users.


ESI Intake/Forensic Support Specialist

ESI Intake/Forensic Support Specialists at ProSearch support quality and data integrity by:

  • Accepting data transfers, including inventory and extraction from forensic container files.
  • Accurately reporting on and escalating issues.
  • Preparing source ESI for processing.
  • Generating reports to support work performed at each step of ESI processing workflow.
  • Provide desk-side and remote assistance to end-users